Radio Ga-Ga

There are many facets to my personality, one of these is an Events Manager at the Waterstones where I work.

As many things as there are that I love about being an events manager, there are a couple of things that I’m not too keen on and those are; authors that act like they’re doing you a big favour by attending this event that you’ve organised for them, and the other is being the centre of attention. I’m more of a ‘behind the scenes’ organiser. In an ideal world I’d plan my event, email, call, harass all the people I need to to promote the event then on the day I’d have somebody else be me.
So you can imagine my utter despair when I was coerced into going on to local radio to promote our World Book Night event. Cold chills and night sweats were only the start of it.
Technically I didn’t have to do it, but one of the things about being the organiser of an event is that if anybody wants to know anything about what’s happening you’re the ‘go to guy’
This was little comfort as I spent a couple of weeks pacing up and down wondering; what would I say? What would I be asked? Would I have to sound knowledgeable? Would I have to have some kind of idea what I’m talking about? What if I stammered or was lost for words?
So by the time it came to Tuesday morning, the morning of my debut radio appearance, I was more than a little bit nervous.
So I anxiously sat in the waiting area silently praying to any god that would listen for a power cut, or for the cold I was developing to strike me down voiceless, or even (if none of the above were available) for the small mercy of my segment to at least be pre-recorded.
Alas none of these came to pass, and in time I was led down a corridor by James, one of my interviewers, and into a little room. Which consisted of a production desk, manned by a lovely and very friendly lady named Charlotte, and a little round table with a few microphones attached to the edges. My nerves started to ease off as I realised I wouldn’t be spending the next twenty minutes in the radio booth of my imagination (which had more technology and gadgets than the Enterprise), but in this rather cosy looking little room.

During the ten minutes before the interview we had such a lovely chat about books and authors that by the time we actually went on air I was so relaxed that it just felt like a normal every day conversation.
We talked about; World Book Night, Bill Bryson, local authors, Waterstones, signing events. I even messed up a couple of times, and admitted to not knowing much about a certain book, but that didn’t faze me. We talked about so much and with such ease that I was genuinely sad when it ended.
So I’d like to thank James and Charlotte at ICR for being so lovely and making me feel so at home. Also for unleashing a monster, as now I’ve conquered radio there’s no stopping me!! NEXT STOP . . . .’ANGLIA TONIGHT’!!

. . .

Well shortly after writing the above and saving it as a draft for me to review later I received an email and dun dun dun I’M ON THE COVER OF THE NEW STEPHEN KING BOOK!!!. .!i=8359 well ok, I’m on the back. .and it’s just the UK edition . . and it’s only a small picture . . .out of a montage of thousands . . and you’ll probably need a magnifying glass to see me, but dammit! I’m on a book!

Time to conquer the world now methinks.


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