Far From Home

For the last few months I’ve been rather reluctant to organise any evening events in Waterstones, this stems from a rather awful evening we planned late last year. Things were set to go well, the book had all the trademarks that a top selling local book has, the author had a double page spread in the local newspaper the weekend beforehand, he’d even been on the radio the morning of the event and of course we’d been promoting the event ourselves in store and online, so we were expecting a fairly good turn out. Well, I have never been more wrong! Absolutely nobody turned up to the event, not a single person. I felt really bad for the author, but luckily he hadn’t travelled far so it hadn’t taken too much out of his day, and as you can imagine I was left with an abject fear of something like that happening again so I did my best to avoid organising any more evening talks.

However, when two local authors got in touch with me within the same week and expressed an interest in putting on an evening talk for their book, part of me thought ‘well maybe at least one of them is going to garner some interest’.  So, after establishing that both authors lived quite locally, just in case the worst happened, I said yes and coincidentally enough the dates the authors were free were right next to each other, so that raised my hopes a little more.

Then we moved on to the next bit, advertising and promoting the events and waiting . . hoping that at least a few people would call up for tickets so we could get some bums on seats. Well two weeks drifted by and not a peep, I was already mentally drafting the email I would have to send to each author to let them know that there had been no interest when the first phone call came in “Hello, I’d like two tickets for the Joy Bounds event on the 2nd” Somebody actually was going to come to the event! I practically hugged the phone, that’s how happy I was that at least there would be someone there on one of the evenings. Then the phonecalls started coming thick and fast and by the time it came to the evening of the event we had at least fifty ticket requests.

So that event was last night, local author Joy Bounds with her book ‘Far From Home’ – A fictional account of the life of Joan of Arc as told from her mothers perspective.

The evening was a huge success, not only did we have about 50 ticket requests, but they all turned up too, and at least 80% of them also bought her book (which, by the way, Joy was donating £1 from the sale of each book to St. Elizabeth Hospice, as she is participating in The Midnight Walk on 19th May) Everybody really seemed to enjoy themselves, and were still chatting and enjoying the drinks and nibbles laid on by us lovely people at Waterstones till nearly an hour after Joy had finished her talk.

I was so happy to see the evening turn into such a success not just for us but for Joy aswell, it’s great to  support local talent.

Tonights event is with Ann Chadwick and her book ‘Suzie: The little girl who changed our lives’ Which is her true story about when her family took in a 5 year old Jewish girl during the war. brought over here of the Kindertransport and not speaking a word of English.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been as many requests for Anns event as there were for Joys, but Ann has informed me that she has handed out at least 42 tickets herself, so hopefully it will be as much of a success as last nights.


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