Tartan cross-over top/mini-dress

So seeing as I’m effectively housebound until my hospital appointment I’ve had a lot of  ‘craft time’ so was able to make a few things for my sisters birthday. I posted about the knitted Skeleton Jumper yesterday and this is the tartan top I made for her.

About a month ago I made a maxi dress following a pattern that i’d purchased from another blog https://haberydashery.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/summery-sewing-project/ after making the dress I did start to think about all the different kind of adaptations that could be made, and one of the ideas i had was a sort of mini-dress/Top that could be worn with trousers.

The Mini-dress was really easy to do, as I’d already used the pattern once for the maxi dress and it was effectively the same just a shorter skirt. It only took a couple of days to make, the more time consuming parts being the shirring and the pinning of the seams.

Because of the shortness of the skirt I only needed a yard of fabric. So I ordered some tartan fabric (my sister’s a punk and she’s very much into her tartan styles) from ebay (only £3.99 a yard) and for the contrasting waistband and bias tape I bought a pair of black trousers (99p from a charity shop)

There were a few differences with this project, the shirring was still a nightmare and this time on the contrasting waistband it didn’t bunch as much as it did with my original work. Luckily enough the pattern came with a good tip for this and after soaking the waistband and leaving it to dry the shirring bunched up quite nicely. Another thing was that when doing the skirt hem and sleeve edges because they were so small I pressed them first in the hope they might stay down and make machine stitching easier. Unfortunately this still went a bit wrong, so am wondering whether hand-stitching might be a bit more precise.

Anyway, the top/mini-dress turned out quite well


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  1. queenhare
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 09:30:10

    I guess it wouldn’t take too long to hand stitch a few details like the edges. I’ve never mastered using a machine for that! The few sewing projects I’ve tried on a machine have been rather terrifying, despite using a comparatively friendly wind-it-yourself Singer (I tried an electric sewing machine once when I was little- ate the fabric out of my hands and really put me off!).

    I meant to text you before the Race for Life but discovered I don’t have your number. I’m guessing you didn’t get there? It was way too hot for running- I’d been hoping for rain or even a few clouds but ended up running out of water and feeling pretty dizzy by the end. If you fancy going on a 5k wander sometime when you’re feeling better let me know x


  2. spracksemporium
    Jun 18, 2012 @ 09:44:49

    Hiya, Yeah handstitching can sometimes be a little neater too. My mum had a machine with a really sensitive pedal, great for her because she was an absolute whizz, terrifying for me.
    Yup, unfortunately couldn’t do race for life yesterday, Chris forbid me from doing it because I apparantly don’t know my own limits.
    Oooh, your day sounds harsh, but yeah i’d love to go on a wander once i get this thing outta me, I love walking and it’s a nightmare at the moment as I can’t walk much further than the end of my road without suffering for it the rest of the day. Fingers crossed i’m back on my feet soon.


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