Happy New Year!

I’m Back!

Yes, for those who haven’t noticed, I’ve been away. Well not exactly away but convalescing and as a result rather disinclined to blog. It’s also been quite an intense couple of months with a lot going on, but maybe I should just stick to my operation news for now.

As I mentioned in a previous post my operation date was August 1st, it was a pretty nerve wrecking day made so much easier by the fact that the day before I had become an auntie!!  My older brother and his wife had a gorgeous little boy called Benjamin Nevis William Johnston (Benjamin Nevis because my brother proposed to his wife on top of Ben Nevis)

My little nephew Benjamin and his toy ‘daddy’ that I knitted him

and even though I’m an auntie already to my husband’s three nieces this was the first niece/nephew on my side of the family so I went into hospital with a very happy ‘proud new auntie’ glow about me. This was a good thing as the next week would prove to be absolute hell for me.

To start with I arrived at the hospital at my appointed time of 7:30am after 12 hours of being ‘nil by mouth’. It was a busy day on the ward so I had to wait quite a while before I got a bed and even longer to be taken up to surgery. It was 4:30pm by the time I was finally wheeled up to surgery and after 21 hours with no food and only the occasional sips of water I wasn’t in the best of moods. Then I was subjected to the worst pain imaginable, and without wishing to scaremonger, I wouldn’t wish what happened to me next on my worst enemy.

Because my surgery was going to be quite intensive and in the abdominal area not only was I going to have a general anaesthetic but also a spinal anaesthetic which would doubly anaesthetise my lower regions and it also would take a little longer to leave my system making it unnecessary for me to have a lot of pain relief after the surgery, which sounded nice. The reality was a lot more unpleasant, due to the size of my stomach I was unable to sit in the proper position for the spinal injection to be administered so I had to have it whilst laying on my side which made it tricky for the anaesthetist to get the right spot. After about three attempts and the most unpleasant pain I have ever experienced, which I was rather vocal about, they had to up the dosage of my general anaesthetic to knock me out to do the spinal.

My surgery took a few hours, during which they removed the cyst (which measured 32cmx30cm and weighed 2 stone!) my ovary and my appendix, and left me with a scar roughly 12 inches long.

My scar with staples, there were lots of them!

Staples out. . . and healing quite nicely

The next day, I was amazed at how much better I felt. Gone were the constant stabbing pains in my shoulder and my side, I could also now breathe properly and stand up for longer than five minutes without being in agony. It just showed how bad things had got, that I’d literally just had quite intensive surgery and had a very large incision in my abdomen and I felt much better than I had for months.

The ‘before’ picture was actually a few weeks before, I had got even bigger by the time I went into hospital.

My hospital stay ended up being a little longer than expected due to some complications caused, we think, by the excessive amount of spinal anaesthetic I ended up with. But the details of that are a little bit icky and unpleasant so I won’t subject you all to that.

Today I’m exactly seven weeks out of surgery and even though the first few weeks were really tough (and quite often had me in tears) things are gradually getting easier. My first attempt at stairs was slow but rewarding. My first walk into town, with a stick, was exhausting.  Since then, however, I’ve had a holiday on the Isle of Wight, a birthday, and gone back to work, so things are slowly but surely getting back to normal.

Whilst we were on the Isle of Wight the husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We both agreed it’s been a hell of a year, (with somebody wording it quite succinctly that it’s quite harsh to lose your mum and find out you can’t have children all in the same year) which has only served to make us stronger and closer than ever, and we now intend to make the most of the coming year.

So here’s to new beginnings!

My birthday outing to Carisbrooke Castle. I got to play ‘dress up’ with my little niece.



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