Hug my Mug!

I am, I believe, quintessentially English. There is not much I love more than coming home at the end of a long day and settling in with a nice cup of tea. In fact it has been scientifically proven through a series of experiments (totally involuntary I may add) that I am an absolute nightmare if I don’t have my cup of tea after work.
So yes that’s me, the epitome of a cliché hot beverage advert, snuggling down with my oversized mug . . . ah but here’s where I frequently encounter a problem, because the adverts have lied to me! I know, absolute shocker isn’t it, but yes as I said the adverts have lied and my snuggling down with a cup of tea is not forthcoming as this sort of behaviour . . . .
. . . is liable to cause third degree burns.

So unfortunately due to the fact that i’m not an advert actress and, as a consequence, not in possession of a pair of asbestos hands I am unable to hug my mug and have to wait until it has cooled to a sufficient temperature, which takes half the fun out of it.
That was until some genius came up with the idea of ‘MUG HUGS’ (or Mug Cozy as they’re sometimes called, but I think Mug Hug is much more fun) a simple piece of knitwear designed especially for the mug of your choice enabling you to cosy up to your desired hot beverage without the risk of permanent skin damage.
I love them, and have designed and knitted several of my own (very quick and easy to do)

My own Mug Hugs 'inspired by nature'

My own Mug Hugs ‘inspired by nature’

Google mug hug and you’ll find all sorts of weird and wonderful hugs for your mugs, just . . be careful what you google . .

Batchelors hug in a Mug

Batchelors hug in a Mug


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