Reading Roulette – February

So, my February book is ‘The field guide to Natural Wonders’ by Keith Heidorn & Ian Whitelaw


I first bought this book because it appealed to my love of nature and science, I was working in a bookshop at the time and had to feed my book buying addiction. It was following one of my ‘educational’ whims, believing that reading a non-fiction book every now and again would balance out the amount of fiction I read and possibly increase my intelligence (emphasis on the ‘possibly’). Well the intention was there, just never the inclination so this has been sitting on my shelf for about 7 years now, which is how it ended up in the pot!

I suppose I read a lot of fiction as I like a bit of escapism in my reading and I do often find non-fiction books a bit of a hard slog, especially if they use too much technical jargon. However,  I found this fascinating and whipped through the first couple of chapters in no time (I particularly liked the section on eclipses). They did start to use a bit of technical jargon in the later chapters, especially when talking about ‘atmospheric’ and ‘electrical’ phenomenon, but by this point I was hooked. So, I happily worked my way through it, plus they have a handy little ‘Summary’ at the end of some sections, for the lazy brained like me.

One negative thing I do have to say for this is, although I do like a bit of science and knowing the ins and outs of certain things, this did often feel like I was having a magicians trick explained to me, and I only hope that next time I see a ‘natural wonder’ it won’t have lost any of it’s majesty because of it.

I’m now constantly on the lookout for more natural wonders though.


Temperature Afghan – January

So to my next challenge update, Temperature Afghan.

I’m actually having quite a bit of fun with this, watching it develop. If you remember these were the colours I chose for my afghan.tempafg

Well, as you can imagine there hasn’t been much temperature variation during January, it’s either been cold or VERY cold.

I’ve decided to do my afghan in straight rows, I had originally intended to do it in treble crochet (Double Crochet in US) as I was worried that any temperature changes that only last for a day wouldn’t show up very w2017-01-13_15-00-21_639ell. Unfortunately after a few days I began to realise that the resulting afghan would be huge! So I frogged the whole thing and started again with Double Crochet (Single crochet US)





Which is working out a whole lot better, and is looking quite interesting already.

I’ve also become a little obsessed with the weather, looking out for any significant temperature changes and getting excited when the temperature high for the day drops close to 0°C as I think that’s going to be a rare event and it’s such a nice colour on the chart. Oh well, Winter is not over yet, let’s see what February brings.