Reading Roulette – February

So, my February book is ‘The field guide to Natural Wonders’ by Keith Heidorn & Ian Whitelaw


I first bought this book because it appealed to my love of nature and science, I was working in a bookshop at the time and had to feed my book buying addiction. It was following one of my ‘educational’ whims, believing that reading a non-fiction book every now and again would balance out the amount of fiction I read and possibly increase my intelligence (emphasis on the ‘possibly’). Well the intention was there, just never the inclination so this has been sitting on my shelf for about 7 years now, which is how it ended up in the pot!

I suppose I read a lot of fiction as I like a bit of escapism in my reading and I do often find non-fiction books a bit of a hard slog, especially if they use too much technical jargon. However,  I found this fascinating and whipped through the first couple of chapters in no time (I particularly liked the section on eclipses). They did start to use a bit of technical jargon in the later chapters, especially when talking about ‘atmospheric’ and ‘electrical’ phenomenon, but by this point I was hooked. So, I happily worked my way through it, plus they have a handy little ‘Summary’ at the end of some sections, for the lazy brained like me.

One negative thing I do have to say for this is, although I do like a bit of science and knowing the ins and outs of certain things, this did often feel like I was having a magicians trick explained to me, and I only hope that next time I see a ‘natural wonder’ it won’t have lost any of it’s majesty because of it.

I’m now constantly on the lookout for more natural wonders though.


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