Don’t stop me now!

Had a bit of a revelation at the Gym today!

Basically, I’m in training for the ‘Race for Life’ 5k Well, I say I’m in training for it, at the moment I’m in training in order to be able to start the training plan. Confused? I’ll explain.

After signing up for Race For Life, and being determined to actually run the whole way, I thought maybe i should get a bit of practice in. So after trawling the internet for a bit I found what I thought would be the perfect training plan for me, it was one of those ‘couch to 5k’ plans. Day one: Run for 1 minute, walk for 1 minute (repeat this ten times) easy peasy! Oh good lord was I wrong. The next morning when hit the neighbourhood streets I barely managed 4 repeats let alone 10 before I thought my chest was going to explode. So this had to involve a major re-think of my training system, which resulted in me running on a treadmill instead of the pavement (less cold) and gradually working up to being able to do 10 run/walk repetitions.

So things were going ok, running on a treadmill is a lot easier than running on actual terrain so I managed to find my pace quite easily and keep at it. However after a few weeks things stopped getting so easy and I couldn’t get past 7 run/walk repetitions and was close to resigning myself to just not being one of natures runners.

So today I took my I-pod to the Gym with me, as the clubland music they seem to constantly play was slightly getting on my nerves. Lo and behold a miracle happened! As the first few bars of Kenny Loggins ‘Danger zone’ came pelting down my headphones my feet just took on a life of their own, and by the time I got to ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ and my 8th!!!! run/walk repetition, i could have run all day.

Apparently they call that finding your stride, and my 32 year old self is not too surprised to realise that my stride is less trancy dancey clubland  and more 80’s movie montage!