No More Progress!

Apologies for the lack of updates lately, and sincere apologies for the major lack of progress reports. Unfortunately my progress reports have come to an end, at least where my weight loss is concerned.

You see after a rather frustrating 6+ months of watching what I eat, exercising regularly and losing a grand total of 9lbs I made a curious discovery. I was indeed losing body mass and whilst I was losing body fat from my arms and legs my belly didn’t seem to be shifting anything. It was only after I noticed that not only was I not losing any fat from my abdominal area but that it was in fact getting bigger that I started to worry, fearing some dire gastric issue I made an appointment with the doctor.

Now I’m not the biggest fan of doctors, in fact the way I’ve been treated and spoken to over the last couple of years whilst trying to get my fertility issues sorted out, has left me downright dubious of any assistance from the doctors. So I was mightily impressed when the doctor not only listened to me, booked me in for about half a dozen blood tests and a scan, but also asked me what my thoughts were. What impressed me even more was that one of the tests the doctor was sending me for was an ultrasound scan, now when you consider that this is something that I asked a doctor to send me for two years ago to see if my one remaining ovary was cyst free and functioning. Then was quite rudely told they wouldn’t even consider sending me for tests like that until my husband and I had been trying to conceive for at least a year, you can see why I was impressed.

This was short-lived as five days after having my blood tests done I phoned up for my results and was informed that all the results so far had come back normal, except my CA 125 levels were elevated. The only thing I knew about the CA 125 test was that it was the one for Ovarian Cancer, cue me falling to pieces. After being sent home from work, due to me being an emotional wreck, I started to get a bit of perspective on the test results and after chatting to a few people about the results and what they mean, realised that I didn’t really have anything to worry about and the results essentially mean that I have an inflammation of the pelvic area! Now when you consider that my belly is so swollen I look about 5 months pregnant, having a blood test tell me that I have an inflammation is actually quite hilarious! So due to all this we’re leaning more towards the idea that I have another ovarian cyst, which is quite an unpleasant prospect as I had one removed when I was 15 and they took one of my ovaries with it.

Also in the few days after going to the doctors I began to realise I had a lot of ailments over the last few months and they were all related.  I’ve been getting a severe pain in my upper thighs and under my belly, I had been putting it down to my gym workouts (which I have now had to give up) then realised it was the extra weight of my stomach putting a strain on the underneath. I’ve been getting quite short of breath, which I put down to just being unhealthy (which was another reason for the gym visits) but is actually from the growth in my abdominal area squashing my lungs. I’ve also been getting some sharp and unpleasant pains in my shoulder and heel for quite some months, which I put down to straining a muscle or something and it just not getting much of a chance to heal itself. This could in fact be down to the ‘growth’ pushing on or irritating certain nerves. Add in the loss of appetite, nausea, and backache and I’m a bundle of laughs really.

It’s now been nearly three weeks since my initial doctors appointment, I’m still waiting for some more results from blood tests I had done after finding out my CA 125 levels were raised, I have a scan appointment for Friday 8th June, and physically things have gone rapidly downhill for me. I wake up every morning nauseous and with a backache, I can’t stand up for much longer than 30 minutes before getting severe pains in my underbelly, and if I sit down for too long I get a severe pain in my shoulder. So on that basis I’ve unfortunately had to take some time off from work until I can get this all sorted, and now spend my days pottering about the house counting the days down till I have my scan and we figure out for definite whats going on with my little growth.

So that’s why there’s no more weight loss progress reports, and I’ll just be doing my knitting and sewing projects in their own posts.

Fingers crossed for friday!



Midnight Walk 2012

Oh the humanity! I spent an entire Sunday shuffling around the house in a delicate disposition, bleary eyed and tired then being forced to bed early by the husband. In my younger days I could have put this down to excessive partying the night before, this time however it could only be blamed on a little midnight stroll. OK maybe it wasn’t so little, maybe it was about 5 miles and maybe as a result I didn’t get home until 2am.

It was all in a very good cause though, all to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice an independent charity that provides free palliative care for people with active, progressive and advanced illnesses. They’ve played a key part in my life with the support they provided for my mum as she had an abject fear of ending up in a hospice for her final days so they helped make life as comfortable as they could for her in her own home. They also helped my husbands grandmother and it seems most people I speak to have had one family member or another helped by the Hospice. Never has this been more apparent than when you witness not only the sea of Midnight Walkers but also the dedications and words of remembrance worn on their personalised T-shirts.

What are these Midnight Walkers? Well in a nutshell they’re sponsored walkers. Every year St Elizabeth Hospice organises a special circular walk around Ipswich town. The walk starts around 11-11:30pm so by midnight all walkers are on their way. There are two routes to choose from, one is 5 miles and one is 8 miles, they both start and finish at Ipswich Town Football club in Portman road, and the 8 mile route rather poignantly passes by the St Elizabeth Hospice where they have a ‘tree of remembrance’ which walkers are invited to hang little messages for their loved ones on.

I, being new to the event and a complete wuss that didn’t want to still be wandering around Ipswich Town in the early hours of the morning, opted for the 5 mile walk. So at around 9:30pm I donned my t-shirt and bar code (so I could be scanned in and out) and headed off to Portman Road.

The sight on arrival was amazing, I have never seen so much pink, glitter and flashy lighty up stuff in my life and that was just at the entrance. I made my way past the lines of oddly dressed women waiting to have their picture taken or buy fairy wings and out onto a field which was literally alive with tutus and wigs. Fortunately for me the couple of co-walkers I was supposed to be meeting were a little late so I was at liberty to stand at the sidelines and take in this truly spectacular sight. The amount of time and effort that had obviously gone into some costumes was fantastic, and nearly everyone I saw had a heartfelt message for a loved one written on their t-shirt, some simply had a single name,  saying so much in just a single word. I also saw so many people I knew and recognised, I was even amazed and ever so amused to see a few of my husbands aunts there, the amusement came from one of them wearing a rather large multi-coloured wig!

As 10:30 came around the crowd headed towards a stage at the top of the field in order to do our ‘warm-up’ which was ZUMBA!! This seemed to be enjoyed by most, with at least a teeny bit of effort being put in by all. Unfortunately, due to a medical condition I’ve got at the moment I wasn’t able to do much jiggling about. Well I say I wasn’t able to, I was able to and quite promptly did so . . it just led to me making a quick dash to the ladies loos and having to just delicately bop to the music for the rest of the warm-up.

Then we were OFF!!

All in all it took me 1 hour and 40 minutes to do my little five-mile walk, and even though, less than a mile in, I had to say goodbye to my compadres as they trundled off on the 8 mile route leaving me to do the rest of the walk on my own, I wasn’t really alone. There were Midnight Walkers everywhere, and I ended up walking with a whole range of people,  from a group of travel agents discussing difficult customers, to members of a WI exchanging gardening tips. Also scattered along the route, at every road crossing and mile mark, were stewards (volunteers who had given up their time to stand around on a rather brisk May evening offering words of encouragement to an endless stream of crazy ladies) There was also, I’m delighted to say, a tea and biscuit stand halfway along the route for that extra little oomph we all needed. We were all rather well catered for and looked after and I must say I have never felt so safe walking the streets of Ipswich.

When I was done I was proud of myself, I had finished in good time with an amazing sense of self achievement, a medal, and a bacon roll!

. . and I’ll definitely be doing this again next year!

A New Era

I’ve made many attempts over the years to start a blog but they’ve all come to nothing, mostly through a sheer lack of time and motivation.

So what makes me think this one will be any different? Well that has one simple answer . . my mum!

We lost my mum to cancer about four weeks ago, and although I feel like I made my peace with the prospect of losing her many times over the last year, still a big part of my life has gone. So this is why I’m here, for someone to talk to, to tell the world what an amazing person my mum was, and to record all the things I wish to do in honour of her memory.

So what about me? I’m the wife to an adoring husband and we live in a lovely little house in Ipswich. It’s just the two of us at the moment, although we are trying for a little one. In fact we’ve been trying for nearly two years but recently found out that I have fertility issues due to my weight (248lbs or 113kgs, even though I’m imperial I prefer the Kgs they sound less) So I’m currently on an eat right and get fit kick in the hopes that my system will sort itself out.

            I joined the Gym a few weeks ago for two reasons, working out at home had been going so well thought that stepping up my game a bit and working out at the gym would make things go even better (and they are!) Reason two was I really wanted to actively do something about my fertility issues, as my sister-in-law is 6 months pregnant with my first little niece/nephew and it really hurts that my mum didn’t get to see her grandchild.

Ok, so that’s part of my story for now, look forward to sharing more.

J x