It’s all good . . until you stop

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like baths!

Well aside from the fact that I grew up with a granddad who thought that baths were basically “wallowing in your own filth” (beautiful imagery, I know) I’ve always considered them a bit of a waste of time. Well maybe not exactly a waste of time, it’s just whenever my husband suggests having a bath, I instantly think of all the things there are to do around the house, and how if I sit in a bath for half an hour or so I’ll be behind with my workload.

Now I’ve found another reason not to like them.

After a rather tense shopping trip with my darling husband we conceded that maybe we were both quite tired, and so I was essentially ordered to have a bath whilst he put the shopping away and made tea. It shows how tired I really was, as I didn’t argue. My body ached all over and I was basically worn out, so off to the bathroom I went.  No book, no needlepoint,  just me and the bubbles.
It was lovely, for the first fifteen minutes, as I lay there fretting about whether dear husband was putting the shopping away properly, or if he’d put the oven on the right setting. Then as those cares drifted away and my mind started to empty of the trials of the week there was just one thought left . . . my mum, and that’s when I started crying.

You see, when you live your life at 100mph, constantly keeping yourself busy with work, family and home it’s ever so easy to just assume that you’re coping with life and the various stuff it keeps throwing at you, without being phased at all.  It’s when you finally slow down, relax and take stock that you realise you’re not coping at all you’re just avoiding, and in the process becoming a shell of the person your family know and love.

So whilst I may have qualms about going near another bath again, I do however highly recommend just having a good cry every now and again it does wonders for a mental and emotional release, and well worth the few hours of puffy eyes afterwards.

Or if crying is not your thing I’m sure there must be something to be said for Primal Scream Therapy . . . . just warn the neighbours first.