Housebound and Down

I’m in medical purgatory! I have an ovarian cyst 30cmx20cm, at least that’s what I’m being led to believe. Have you ever got the feeling that you’re not being told the full story?

You see, I’ve had a large ovarian cyst before, the size of a football in fact. 17 years ago my dad took me to the doctor because I looked 6 months pregnant, after being poked and prodded by the doctor she promptly told my dad that she couldn’t tell if I was pregnant or not because I was too tense so she called the hospital to book me in for a ultrasound scan and we headed over there. This resulted in a rather uncomfortable car ride as a 15 year old me tried to convince my stony-faced dad that the only way I could possibly be pregnant was by Immaculate Conception! Well once I had the scan they found the cyst booked me into hospital and within a few days I’d had the operation and was unfortunately minus an ovary.

So you can see why now, five weeks after my initial doctors appointment, I’m a little sceptical as to what’s going on with my innards, because  for some reason  my trial is not nearly close to over. A few weeks ago I had to go sick from work because I’m in too much pain and can’t stand up for much longer than 30 minutes before feeling like my belly is going to drop off. Things are considerably worse now, I can’t even make a cup of tea without needing a very long sit down afterwards, and I’m officially housebound after a recent trip to the shop at the end of my road (barely even 5 minutes away) left me in agony for the rest of the day. Yet I’m still waiting for a call from the hospital to book me in for a CT scan appointment (that only run on Tuesdays and Fridays) and even after that elusive appointment has been attended I still have to wait for my scan results to be discussed amongst ‘the board’ (whatever that means) then be called back to the consultant to discuss my scan results, and fingers crossed that will then lead to me being booked into hospital to have this immense weight removed from me. I’d like to think that would be it, but unfortunately I’ve had the same hope whilst waiting for my ultrasound scan, and my first appointment with the gynaecology consultant and those hopes have been dashed.

My lovely husband is trying his best to convince me that maybe they want to know exactly what it is they’re dealing with before they do anything, but after 5 weeks, 2 scans, a gynaecological examination (yes it IS what you’re thinking it is), and about a dozen blood tests (including the scary CA-125, CA-19-9, and CEA tests) I’d like to think that a medical professional should have some idea by now.

I do appreciate that in this day and age doctors like to be thorough and not leave themselves open to malpractice suits, but surely my quality of life at the moment has got to come into the equation somewhere.