A New Era

I’ve made many attempts over the years to start a blog but they’ve all come to nothing, mostly through a sheer lack of time and motivation.

So what makes me think this one will be any different? Well that has one simple answer . . my mum!

We lost my mum to cancer about four weeks ago, and although I feel like I made my peace with the prospect of losing her many times over the last year, still a big part of my life has gone. So this is why I’m here, for someone to talk to, to tell the world what an amazing person my mum was, and to record all the things I wish to do in honour of her memory.

So what about me? I’m the wife to an adoring husband and we live in a lovely little house in Ipswich. It’s just the two of us at the moment, although we are trying for a little one. In fact we’ve been trying for nearly two years but recently found out that I have fertility issues due to my weight (248lbs or 113kgs, even though I’m imperial I prefer the Kgs they sound less) So I’m currently on an eat right and get fit kick in the hopes that my system will sort itself out.

            I joined the Gym a few weeks ago for two reasons, working out at home had been going so well thought that stepping up my game a bit and working out at the gym would make things go even better (and they are!) Reason two was I really wanted to actively do something about my fertility issues, as my sister-in-law is 6 months pregnant with my first little niece/nephew and it really hurts that my mum didn’t get to see her grandchild.

Ok, so that’s part of my story for now, look forward to sharing more.

J x