The Random Reader (or Reading Roulette)

I don’t know about you, but one of the hardest questions I ever ask myself is “What should I read next?”

This is often a difficult question for me for many reasons, but mostly because I have a LOT of books. I have books that have sat, neglected, on my shelves for years as they no longer hold the appeal that they obviously had when I bought them. I have hard back books that I haven’t touched, because I always carry my ‘current read’ everywhere with me and the idea of doing that with a hardback makes my back cringe.

So as you can imagine, not long after venturing into my spare room/library to pick my next read i’m either wandering out again a few minutes later with an armful of books, hoping that through the course of the day they will somehow fight amongst themselves and the victor shall become my current read. Or, I end up a sobbing wreck on the floor when faced with the magnitude of such a decision.

Until that is, Fate stepped in (with the assistance of a book) and presented me with a solution!

After reading ‘The Dice Man’ by Luke Rhinehart, I was inspired!! Not to live my life as a Dice woman, good lord no, I’m far too much of a wuss to live my life that way. However, one decision I was willing to let the dice handle though was that ever troubling “What shall I read next?” one. So I adapted the decision making format, and found a way to take the pain and strain out an otherwise delightful venture. It’s like a lucky dip, where you win every time, and the prize is a book!!

This has actually been quite fun for me, and I also find that I’m more inclined to finish reading books that I find a little dull, as the ‘Pot’ has challenged me to read it, so I MUST!!

(and maybe one day, for the tech savvy amongst you, I or somebody with a bit more skill than me, will develop an app that can randomly pick from your ebooks too!)