Knitted Skeleton Jumper

Despite the little health hiccups i’m having lately I’m still managing to keep myself busy and I’ve finished the skeleton jumper for my sister.

I used a basic oversized pattern for the jumper, (as my sister is like me in the respect that she likes her jumpers a bit roomy) and created my own chart for the skeleton pattern on the front.

Here’s the pattern I used (and adapted a bit) Skeleton Jumper

and here’s the chart (I’ve only made one for the small size jumper at the moment, will adapt it for the larger sizes later)

or heres a downloadable version in word skeleton patt.chart (small)

In total the jumper took about 73 hours to knit up and finish. It did knit up rather well. I used stylecraft special aran which has a really nice soft feel to it. I had a few hitches whilst knitting up the chart. Intarsia is not really my strong point and I leave the yarn at the back either too tight or too lose, so because there are a lot of yarn changes in this one (especially around the rib area)  what I ended up doing was leaving the yarn really loose at the back, then when I’d finished I cut in the middle of the lose bit of yarn and sewed it into the back of the piece.

Another hitch I had was that even though the jumper knitted up well and exactly to the measurements on the pattern, it is quite small so it’s only afterwards I realised that when the pattern says 40″ chest it isn’t an oversized 40″ chest but an exact fit for a 40″ chest. So I’d have to work out the oversizing myself.

Unfortunately because of the sizing it didn’t fit my sister (she’s quite busty) so no live model pictures just yet. However she is going to give it to one of her step-daughters, who it should fit so it will still go to good use.


Summery Sewing Project

Due to a holiday mix up I’ve just had the weekend off with no specific plans, so finding myself at a loose end I thought I’d try out a project I saw on

It’s been a while since I’ve used my sewing machine for anything more than hemming or repairs. So with summer supposedly just around the corner I thought I’d dust off some of my sewing skills and have a go at making a maxi dress.

The project i was attempting was here a quite simple maxi dress made out of a vintage sheet! Well knowing my penchant for wandering around charity shops looking for nice looking duvet covers to use for spare material, I thought this would be ideal. 

I bought the pattern for about £2-£3 and set to work with mild trepidation as i wasn’t sure just how rusty i was, and the pattern involved ‘shirring’ which i’ve never actually done before. Well I ended up having quite a lot of fun actually. It’s always nice to see a project coming together, and with a sewing machine it comes together even quicker. I spent Thursday night cutting out the pattern and pinning to the fabric, then Friday was when the magic happened! Over the next couple of days the dress gradually began to take shape and barring a few hiccups (like attaching the sleeves inside out, and a few threading issues with the machine during the shirring) it turned out really well. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit me as i’m a little top heavier than the pattern allows for, so no live model photos i’m afraid.

Here’s the finished article.

Quite impressed with how it turned out, and have now had the idea of adapting the pattern for a shorter version (to be worn with leggings/trousers) in Royal Stewart Tartan for my sister.

Progress Report 13/04

Well it’s Friday which is my weigh-in day, so I thought i’d make it my general progress report day.

Weight loss: So yay for lots of progress this week. I’ve had my weigh-in day today and i’m now 243lbs, and have lost an inch off my waist and hips in the last two weeks.

MyFitnessPal – Free Calorie Counter

This Gym thing is definately working for me, at the moment I’m only averaging about half an hour in the morning, and burning about 250-300 calories. At this rate i could be down to 231lbs in eight weeks, which would be a really fantastic result to go back to the fertility clinic with.

Knitting project: I’m practically done with the monkey suit for my impending neice/nephew, knitted all the pieces just got to sew it all together.

Really impressed with how it’s turning out. There are a few things, like the ears, which i would like to change. I’m sure with different kind of yarn it would turn out a lot better. So this has taken me a week to make and that’s only a couple of hours worth of work in the evening so i’d imagine on a good day this could only take me a couple of days.
There’s a few other designs by the same person which are quite cute so might try them out at some point. My next project after this is going to be a skeleton jumper i designed.