Silver Linings

I’m gradually getting over my little rant the other day and looking at things from the lighter side. Ok, so I can’t physically do much at the moment so it’s given me a lot of time with my crafts, and I’ve been busy!
My lovely husband had been kind enough to keep me stocked with magazines, and in my ‘Simply Knitting’ mag there was a pattern for some really nice owl mittens. What I liked most about the mittens was the subtlety of the owl design, so I thought I’d give it a try. The pattern was for an adult size but I wanted to make a pair in a childs size, not knowing how to adapt the actual pattern I thought I’d try it with thinner yarn (DK rather than the aran suggested in the pattern) and slightly smaller needles. So I made just one mitten first with the aran suggested in the pattern just to see how easy it was to make. It was really easy, I did misread some of the pattern instructions so the first mitten went a bit wrong, but once I knew what I had done wrong it was all quite straight forward.
They knitted up great, exactly the size I was after aswell.

Another project I completed was a lacy purse. My niece has just been crowned Felixstowe carnival queen and on the day of her crowning the weather was pretty horrible, so I thought it might be nice to knit her a shawl to go with her dress seeing as I had so much time on my hands.
Well a monumental mess-up on my part resulted in me having just 50g of Peter Pan Moondust yarn (beautiful yarn, but not nearly enough for a shawl) and having to wait a few days for more yarn. So whilst I waited I thought I’d put the 50g of moondust yarn to good use and make a purse for my niece too.
There’s a pattern on ravelry for a lacy purse, it looked nice and relatively simple to make so I gave it a go. It was a really good pattern and it used a few techniques I’d never tried before. There was ‘cable cast on’ which gave quite a nice start to the work, ‘magic loop’ which enabled you to use long circular needles to knit short pieces of work, and ‘3 needle cast off’ which joined two pieces of work without a seam. So my dip into the world of new techniques turned out good, I knitted it about half the length that the pattern suggested as I only wanted a clutch purse, also seeing as the pattern was for a bigger purse the strap instructions were for a shoulder strap, so I just crocheted a little wrist strap instead. As I said it turned out well but maybe still a bit big, so might try it again but halving the width of the pattern aswell as the length.

However, the highlight so far came today as I realised that being housebound meant that when the postman comes a-knocking with a parcel for moi I get it straight away, no having to wait 24 hours then queing an eternity at the post office. So basically I was there to greet the postman when these arrived!!

My ‘Art of Quilting’ magazines and best of all . . . my new balls of yarn! The yarn will now enable me to make another monkey outfit (this time with the proper chunky yarn) also a Cow outfit by the same designer and a pair of childrens dungarees. The needles are what I needed for a Berry Hat and a newborn matinee jacket. So excited to get all these and now can’t wait to finish the shawl i’m currently working on so I can get started with all the cute baby outfits.